Site Wide Arc Flash Study - Multiple 415V to 11kV Switchboards


Site Wide Arc Flash Study - Multiple 415V to 11kV Switchboards

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Scope of Services

As part of this scope we will attend site to obtain the relevant information to perform the study. We have allowed for any Location in NSW.

we have allowed to study the chosen amount of Panels as per your order.

As part of the Arc Flash Study we use a software model of the power system using SKM Power Tools Software Suite. The software model's and calculates power system fault currents, protection settings, and protection coordination for different system configurations. The completed model allows the software to perform the arc flash calculations.

We have allowed to provide standard work permits and also organise a PPE suppliers to provide you with quotes to provide the required PPE based from the results of the study.

We have allowed to provide and install the necessary Arc Flash Stickers on all the panels, and the client nominated person in the use of the PPE.

As an overview, to perform arc flash calculations, the following steps are completed:

  • Determine the system modes of operation e.g. parallel feeders.
  • Calculate 3-phase bolted fault levels at each switchboard of interest using IEC 60909 or AS3851.
  • Calculate the arc-currents using IEEE 1584.
  • Find the protective device characteristics and the duration of arcs. The existing protection settings can be obtained from the power supply protection settings database. Where there are no records of protection settings, the settings should be retrieved directly from the relays.
  • Determine system voltages and classes of equipment.
  • Select the working distance.
  • Determine, from calculated arcing currents, the incident energy at working distance.
  • Calculate arc flash boundaries.
  • Document calculations and produce labels to be placed on the switchgear doors.